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  1. Following are some of the signs to take into account and seek advice as it may be indicative of fertility problems:

    • any changes in the length of your menstural cycle whether it becomes shorter or longer then the usual
    • any changes in the menses itself that is lighter or heavier
    • any spotting in between periods or following intercourse
    • those who are trying for a subsequent baby having recently stopped breast feedng but still continue to get some leakage from their breast


  2. Age and female fertility:

    The so called biological clock has a significant impact on female conception rate. In women the ovarian reserve slowly declines with increasing age in particular after the age of 35.

    A good quality egg with normal chromosomes when combined with those from the sperm cell have the ability to divide efficiently.Older women have older eggs which may carry chromosomal abnormalities, hence it takes longer to get pregnant than there younger counterparts. Even when they do get pregnant there is more likelihood for miscarriage and greater chances of chromosomal abnormalities.

    Although egg quality declines with age, one can never assess it accurately just by age. Two women of the same age may have different outcomes in convceiving in a given month. Furthermore a woman in her 40s may have good quality egg and be fertile while a 25 year old may be infertile due to poor quality egg. Therefore its important to remembert that individuals do not always conform to statistics.

    Another factor to remember is that ovulation also declines during perimenopause that is years leading on to menopause. As ovulation starts to decrease, developing follicle do not send hormonal message to the pitutary glands, which continues to produce follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) and the levels remain high. Pregnancy is less like to take place as oestrogen levels decreases and progesterone production, which only occurs after ovulation declines. 

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